Thursday, February 28, 2013

All work, and a little play

Hands down one of the best items I have bought and made for my kids is the light table. We use it so often, and for so many activities, crafts, and play time it's worth every penny, and hard work Ryan and I put into it. I am always trying to think of new and creative ways for Kailyn to study and practice her sight words and math. We were doing math and needed items to use to help count. I remembered I had just purchased some translucent plastic hearts from Dollar Tree ( I am obsessed with Dollar Tree). So I  pulled them out and then created her math problems on the light table, and had her use the hearts for counting. It worked great! She loved being able to do her homework but still have some fun at the same time. Afterwards since the light table was already on, we used dry erase markers to test and practice her spelling words. Colton is never far behind, and he was able to play on the other side while Kailyn finished her homework. Like I said I LOVE the light table, and so do the kids!!

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