Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We have a local farm about 7 miles from our house. They have lots of fun stuff for the kids to do around Halloween time. We were so busy during this time, but we managed to squeeze in an hour after Kailyn got out of school and took a trip to the farm for some pumpkins and fun. The kids had a blast, Colton cried and protested when it was time to go. This little guy, I'm telling ya, knows how to show you he is not happy. He was in heaven and had so much fun. The kids got to ride the ponies, play in the hay pit, sit on and explore tractors, and best of all picked out the perfect pumpkins. Next year we will make sure we have a little more time to stay a little longer, there was some fun things that we didn't get to do but we will next year.

 Colton's First Pony ride!! He wanted to go again so bad that he walked all on his own and got back in like. He screamed and cried when we picked him up and took him away. Little stinker.

 Always has been, and always will be Daddy's little girl.

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Kisses from my boo boo

Are the best kisses ever!!!

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Just because.......

I love my Sugar Bear soo soo much!!!

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Dinner for 3

When Ryan works, I dread having to cook dinner. By the end of the day both kids are running out of patience and energy. I am lucky if I step two inches without a kids under my feet. It definitely does not make cooking easy. So I try to plan simple, easy dinner ideas that will make my life easier, but give the kids a good meal as well. One of my favorite go to meals is pizza!! Homemade pizza that is. It is easy, fast, and oh so good. I even have the kids help me put the toppings on. I designate my own corner of the pizza since I like a little more items on mine. The kids just like cheese and pepperoni. They at least "think" that is all they are getting. You can't notice but underneath all the cheese, are cut up zucchini piece. Muuahahahah!!! They are eating their veggi's and they don't even notice.

I use whole wheat dough from Henry's, it's delicious! There is never a piece leftover, and the kids are happy, their bellies are full, and mama still has a smile on her face!
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Little Diva

Kailyn had some birthday money and gift cards left from her birthday so we decided to make a trip to the mall for a little bit of shopping. She wanted new clothes, and she was in desperate need of new warm stuff, so it worked out perfect! She got tired very quickly of trying all the clothes on. I use to be able to just grab things off the shelves and knew they would fit. But now I have to try everything on her. Everything fits so differently on her now that she is growing and growing. In the end she bought a bunch of fabulous clothes to add to her wardrobe. Many skirts of course, can't get this girl away from them. Plus mama had fun teaching her about sales, and coupons, and how to get the most for your money. Once I showed her that she could get 1 shirt not on sale, or 5 other items on sale for the same price, she was hooked!! Whoohoo teaching her the importance of wise money decisions already. This picture about sums up our day of fun, shopping, learning, and success!! Although I have to admit she enjoyed the shopping a little more than I expected, am I in for it when she is a teenager?

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I vacuum(ok TRY) to vacuum our house everyday. Between 3 dogs, 2 kids and 2 adults, the dirt can get ridiculous. However, a certain little person in the house began making this process very difficult. He took such an interest in the vacuum that I could not finish without him in my arms helping, or just giving up and handing the vacuum over to him.

I knew I had to get him his own vacuum. So I searched and searched until I found the perfect one! A blue and green dirt devil with a dust buster that actually works!! Are you kidding me? I can keep him entertained AND he can really help mama? Score! He loves it! He played with it for about an hour straight the first day. He still loves the real thing, but he will at least let me vacuum for about 5 min now before he starts asking for it.

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