Saturday, June 16, 2012

This is what happens when.....

You have an older sister. Sorry boo boo!!

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Super Reader

One of the programs at Kailyn's school is called Books and Beyond. This program encourages reading outside of school, and rewards the kids for their accomplsiments. The kids can read books on their own, or with a parent (for the Kindergartners) each night at home. The goal is to reach level 8 by the end of the year, anything beyond that and they receive special prizes. We are so proud of Kailyn for reaching this goal. It was so fun to watch the transition from us reading all the books to her, to her starting to read them to us!! The school held a celebration assembly where all the kids who reached level 8 received a medal for their hard work. Here is our Super Reader!!! We are so proud of you!!

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Closing Ceremonies

A few weeks ago we had T-Ball closing ceremonies. The whole league got together for some fun in the sun. They had lots of bounce houses, food, face painting, tattoos, and lots of other things for the kiddos to have fun. But the most important part was the kiddos were getting their trophy's!!! I think Kailyn agreed to play T-Ball just so she can get a trophy. It's all she has talked about all season!! Finally the day had come and she couldn't be more excited.

Auntie Sho Shoo, Mimi, and G2 came to celebrate the fun! It was pretty warm so we didn't stay long, I think I melt in extreme heat. It hasn't happened yet, but I didn't want to sit around to find out!

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Kailyn and her beautiful cousin Sarah!!! Love these little girls. Don't they look like they can be sisters? They are such a different mix of ethnicities, and yet they look so much alike.

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Tooth Fairy

Yep, the fairy herself made an appearance in our home this month. Kailyn lost her first tooth!!! I feel like this is the start of her passage into big kid territory. Makes me sad and excited at the same time. My baby is growing up, but she is beginning to discover so many new adventures.
Her tooth had been loose for weeks. She wanted to lose her tooth before school was over so bad. When you lose your tooth, you get to bring home the tooth theme bad, and if you lose it at school you get to put your tooth in a special tooth necklace. This is a BIG deal, believe me. K came home from school one day with a big smile on her face. It took a minute, but I realized her tooth was gone!! She had lost it at school. She had the tooth necklace around her neck and the tooth theme bag on her shoulder. She was one excited girl.

K was so excited to go to bed that night knowing the tooth fairy herself would be in her house. We tucked her in and away she slept peacefully.
When she woke up she found $10 dollars from the tooth fairy. Yes we are insane for giving her $10 dollars, call it beginners luck as that is all daddy had in his wallet.
$10 with special fairy dust included!!! The tooth right next to this one is now lose, we better get our dollars ready now or this tooth fair will go broke!!
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Due to my severe lack in posts over the past two months, I will be overloading the blog with mass posts to catch you all up on what we have been up to. Exciting right? Pictures are downloaded, now lets just hope it doesn't take me another two months to finish.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 going on 60......?

So the time has come, after all these years I finally found myself "tattle telling" on some teenagers. I swore this day would never come. I would never be "one of them", I would maintain the philosophy of "I was a kid once". Yea all that crap went right out the window yesterday. I imagine most malls, like mine, has family lounges where the bathrooms are larger and equipped with mini pottys for the little ones, nursing booths, changing table, and couches for dads or other kids to sit and wait. Well this is what our family lounge offers anyway. Yesterday, Ryan took Kailyn with him to the gym, and I went to the mall to just browse and waste some time while he was working out. After about 45 min in Colton needed to be changed and fed. So I I headed to the family lounge, like I have done countless times before. I walked in and was taken back with the fact that there were 4 teenagers hanging out on the couches. A few were playing on/charging their phones, others were eating. They were pretty quiet, not talking much. So I push Colton towards the changing table where one of the boys are sitting. Of course his big ole' boats were stretched out as far as they could go right in my path. He barely took the energy to move then back maybe an inch. I stop and stare at him knowing I wasn't going to fit. Little by little he continued to inch his feet back slowly, I finally said look either move your feet, or I will run them over. This little s*!t took his sweet time and moved them just enough for me to get by. I should have ran them over when I had the chance, little punk.
I changed Colton, and got the diaper bag packed up. Now Colton of course is ready to eat. I go over the the nursing booths only to realize my stroller does not fit. There is NO WAY I am leaving my brand new BOB jogger that is worth $450 outside the door unsupervised. My alternative would be to go sit on the couch and nurse him, but of course all the couches were taken up by lazy, selfish, up to no good teenagers. I was stuck, I had no where to feed my baby. Boy was this mama PISSED.
If these teenagers were actually in the lounge with their parents and younger siblings, or helping their younger siblings to the bathroom, it would be no big deal. It's still a public restroom and you kind of have to let anyone in, whether I like it or not. But these kids had no business being in there. They were taking advantage of a quiet, comfortable place that had an outlet to charge their phones. I walk out upset and head straight to guest services. I let the lady know what was going on and she apologized and immediately sent security to kick them out. Yes I am now that "old" lady who tattle on teens who are breaking the rules. Hey I am a mama, and I couldn't feed my baby. You better believe mama bear is going to come out. Please tell me there are other moms out there who would have done the same. It will help me feel like I am not turning into an old nagging hag.

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