Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tissue Paper Easter Egg

Yesterday K made an Easter Egg with tissue paper. Considering it's Easter in a few days, I figured we should do a craft or two. This was easy, simple, and fun, just my style!
Materials needed:
*Construction paper in any color you would like
*Assorted colors of tissue paper
*Plastic Cup
Trace the shape of an Easter egg onto the construction paper and have the child cut it out. Pour a small amount of glue into a plastic cup.

Next, lay out the tissue paper and have your child choose the colors they would like, and cut them into little squares. K chose to cut them out as she went along. You can have them cut all the squares out at once as well, whatever the child prefers. Again, I love child let activities and crafts, so I always take her lead. The only thing I will say is if you had a smaller child, I would probably have a pile of precut squares out for them. I would still have them practice cutting the squares, but I am pretty positive they will not have the patience to cut out as many squares needed for the egg.

Place one square around the end of a pencil. Dip the end into a cup of glue. Then press the pencil onto the egg and slide the tissue paper off. Repeat this until your child feels they are done decorating the egg.

In the pic above you can see a bunch of the tissue squares cut out. K asked me about 15 min into the craft, if I could cut out a bunch of squares for her because she was getting tired. No problem for me, it allowed me to participate a little bit with her. 
All finished!

Not only is this a fun craft, but you can use this to incorporate patterns and color recognition. You could draw sections and have them glue the tissue paper by color, per section. Or create AB, ABA, ABBA etc color patterns. I was very relaxed with K on this one. She is on Spring Break so we are giving her a little break from all the learning hoopla. K ended up giving this to Daddy as a Birthday present since his bday is the day before Easter. Daddy was very happy and loved it.

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  1. This is lovely - I love the idea of the pencil as a holder for the tissue paper as we always get so messy whenever we do any tissue paper craft.

    Thank you for linking to Tuesday Tots

  2. I love this - simple and beautiful! Also, thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tots :)