Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Day of green!

K was very bummed that St.Patrick's Day did not fall on a school day. She had so much fun last year at Preschool, she was looking forward to all of the activities again. So I of course had to make it special for her. It rained all weekend here, so it was nice to have a lot of activities planned to keep her busy. She had no clue the leprechauns would come to her house. So her reaction when she saw the first evidence of foot prints on the stairs was priceless!! We toured the house finding all the mischief the leprechauns had been up to. The leprechauns had walked all over the house and got green foot prints all over the tile, the kitchen table, her light table, even the bathroom. They got into K's craft stuff and made confetti with green construction paper and threw it everywhere. They even turned the toilet water green!!

The excitement and look on her face was amazing and worth all the effort. Since it was St.Patrick's day we wanted to keep with the green theme, so we made green eggs and green milk for breakfast. K helped me make the eggs. It's one of her favorite foods to make.

After lunch we made some yummy green rice crispy treats. I thought K was going to lose her mind, she was so excited. I think she literally asked me every 5 minutes while the treats were cooling, if they were ready. I don't blame her, I love me a good rice crispy treat. I also have to admit that I may have eaten a piece or two....ok more like 4 or 5 ooops! Don't judge, they were soooo good!

Later that day K's Uncle came over to spend some time with us. She LOVES her Uncles, and loves them even more when they come over for a visit.They both had homework to finish, so they made a contest to see who would finish first. After homework and dinner, we made a green volcano! As you may have seen before in my posts, K loves making volcanoes with vinegar and baking soda. This time I bought a large bottle of vinegar. Learned my lesson last time when we ran out. We did a few rounds of controlled eruptions. Then I let K go to town. She used the entire bottle of vinegar! She loved it. She kept doing eruption, after eruption. Both her hands turned green from the food coloring. This discovery led to a game of leprechaun and she chased her Uncle through the house trying to wipe her green hands all over him.

We had a ton of fun!! The only sad part of the day is that Daddy had to work so he missed out on all of the activities. But we made sure we sent him videos and pictures so he could see what we were doing. Hope you had as much fun on St. Patrick's day as we did!
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