Friday, March 16, 2012

My Poor Buddah Boy

I know my posts are slacking. It has been a busy week, between a funeral, Disneyland, work, school, and now a sick baby, there has not been any time. I took C to the doctor yesterday and he has RSV and a double ear infection. My poor baby. He is in pretty good spirits considering how sick he is. He is very clingy though and wants olny mommy for the most part. He is on antibiotics for his ears, and albuterol for the RSV. This is the crucial point in RSV where it could take a turn for the worse. But we are confident we caught it in time and he will only get better from here. I hope life calms down and I can resume my regular postings. I am sad having to miss out on all of the linky parties!

Poor buddah boy! We can't wait for you to feel better!!
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