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Cloth Diaper Review

We have used cloth diapers on C since he was 4 weeks old. I love, love, love it! There was a big learning curve to cloth, so many options, rules, ways of caring for the diapers, I was definitely intimidated. But I stuck with it, and will never go back to disposables again. We have a mixture of diapers in our stash. Each one I like for different reasons. One of my favorite diapers in our stash is Fancy Pants Diapers. I got lucky big time when I found these diapers. It's a small company run by Susan Nash, who is so sweet and kind. She has been an amazing help from day one. She has always answered any questions and emails very quickly, and since I am local, she is always willing to meet me with my order to save on shipping costs.  Here is an excerpt about the diapers from their website.
                                         "Fancy Pants Diapers are one-size pocket diapers. All of the diapers (silky          and minky) have a layer of waterproof PUL lining the outer fabric, so none of them need a cover.
All Fancy Pants diapers have special snaps that enable each diaper to be adjusted (click to see how) to fit most babies from birth to potty training. Each diaper comes with two microfiber absorbent inserts, as shown in the picture below. We include two inserts instead of just one so that our customers have the ability to double up inserts for heavy wetters or night time (just make sure the leg gussets are snug!).The interior of most Fancy Pants Diapers is smooth microsuede and has elastic at the back of the diaper where the inserts go in. However, a few of the prints have a fleece interior, and a flap where the inserts are stuffed in."
We started with Fancy Pants when C was 4 weeks old. I was very surprised to find that they fit him really well this early. They were a little bulky on him, but I LOVE me some fluffy booty!! C is a little chunkers so it didn't effect us at all. If you had a smaller baby like my daughter who was only 7lbs at 4 weeks, they would probably be pretty big for them at this stage. Obviously that wasn't the case and I was able to use them right away for C!
From the beginning I noticed the amazing quality of the diapers. The sewing skills on these diapers amazes me. Very professional and quality work is being done on these diapers. I can confidently say that they rate right up there with my "brand name" diapers such as Bumgenius and Fuzzi Bunz. 
Each diaper has the ability to adjust the waist to 5 different settings. They even have a cross over snap to get a snug, tight fit if you are using them on newborns. Each diaper also adjust to three different rise settings. Let me tell you, when they say this diaper accommodates a baby from 7lbs-32lbs they truly mean it. C is still on the highest rise setting and he is over 18lbs at 6 months. Some diapers with material that have a little bit of a stretch I can still use the tightest waist snaps. Otherwise he is on the second tightest waist setting. The diapers either come in a silky or minky fabric. At this time I have about 15 fancy pants diapers, in all different fabrics and colors. I love the variety of fabric colors and designs they have to offer. I have a boy, so it can be hard to find "cute" designs. Leave it to Fancy Pants to solve this problem for me. So many cute designs, I couldn't stop buying them. 
Speaking of buying, Fancy Pants prices are amazing and affordable. Belive it or not, cloth diapers can get expensive!! Fancy Pants allows you to cloth diaper your baby, stay away from the chemicals in disposables, help the environment, all while not breaking the bank. Also if you like her Facebook page here, you can take advantage of her amazing sales she runs frequently. I mean who doesn't like to save money when you can?
So I have already touched on a few reason why I love Fancy Pants;Quality, Selection, and Price! Let me dive into what I like about the actual diaper.
1. Generous Sizing- I mentioned before and I'll say it again, these diapers will grow with your baby from newborn to potty training.
2. Stay Dry-This is crucial for us! I can't use anything other than stay dry on C or he will get a red bottom and rash right away. The stay dry fabric wicks the pee away from baby's bottom and into the insert in the pocket. We consistently change C's diaper every two hours, however if we are on the road or get distracted, I feel confident going longer between changed because I know he is not actually wet and sitting in his pee like he would with cotton prefolds or non stay dry diapers. 
3.Leak Proof- Seriously! We have had maybe 4 leaks in the almost 6 months we have been using Fancy Pants. Two were from user error (*cough,husband,cough*)and the other two were in the morning after a full night of wearing the diaper. Which I can't really blame on the diaper. After 12 hours of peeing into something, you are going to have a leak or two, especially if you have a heavy wetter. Thankfully we don't so this is not even an issue for us. We use Fancy Pants as our night time diaper because they are so reliable, and absorbent, we can sleep peacefully knowing we won't have any middle of the night surprises.
4. Soft interior material- The interior of the diapers are either a soft microsuede material, or fleece. You can't get much softer than that! I love knowing that my baby is sitting on soft, cozy material and not paper!
5.Durability- I wash my diapers every 1-3 days depending on how many C goes through, and let's just be honest, how lazy I am being on that day. So these diapers get washed very frequently. I usually dry them outside in the sun. It helps sun out any stains, it also prolongs the life of the diaper. But I do often throw them in the dryer on Med heat, especially during the winter. I have not seen one sign of wear and tear on these diapers. No fading, rips, stains, lose seams, NADA!! 
6. Inserts- OK I have to mention the inserts because each diaper comes with TWO microfiber insert.  I have not found another company yet, that sends two full size inserts with their diapers. I really appreciate this, because I can use the diaper day or night without having to spend even more money for extra insert for night time stuffing. 
7.Legs and back gussets- I can't even begin to tell you how many times these diapers have prevented a major poop blow out! The gussets help protect those crucial areas that poop explosions always find their way out of. No blow outs = no extra laundry, no clothes going in the trash, and no mid-day baths because there is poop running all the way up your baby's back. 
Of course nothing in life is perfect, and if I HAD to find any con's about this diaper here they are.
*The fleece material is not as "solid food" poop friendly haha. What I mean by this is now that we have introduced solids, I am finding the poop sticks to the fleece a lot more, and is harder to rinse off and creates more stains than usual. We will be getting a diaper sprayer soon, so I am hoping this solves the problem for us. For now I just rinse them as much as possible and sun out any stain.
*Our microfiber inserts are starting to show wear and tear, and a few are starting to lose their "fluffyness". Which, after as much use as they get, it's expected. They still work, but we will need to replace them in the near future.
I think that is the extent of my cons list. Obviously C is only 61/2 months. So things may change as he gets older. New issues may arise. But I am confident in the product that Fancy Pants makes. I know these diapers will last us until he is potty trained. So for your viewing pleasure, here is C in a few of his Fancy Pants Diapers.

If you are on the fence about cloth, seriously give Fancy Pants Diapers a try. Or if you are a dedicated cloth diaper family, try Fancy Pants! You won't regret it!!

*I did not receive any monetary gain or free products for this review. This review is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Fancy Pants Diaper
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