Sunday, January 13, 2013

Veterans Day

Being that Ryan is a Veteran, we teach our children the importance of supporting, honoring, and remembering members of the Military. Ryan happened to have Veteran's Day off this year, so we decided that it would be fun to attend one of the parades. We thought it would be so much fum for the kids to take their first trip on the Coaster and go downtown for the parade. Veterans were free that day, and family could ride for a discounted price. Nana (Ryan's mom) joined us too.The ride down was great. it wasn't too crowded, we got great seats on the second level, and the kids were well behaved. Once we arrived downtown we used the restroom, grabbed a snack and found a spot to watch the parade. The parade was great. I have to admit I got teary eyes a few times. I am so proud of our Military and all they do to protect our freedom. After two hours, the kids were getting restless and we were all hungry. So we decided to leave a little early. We took the trolley back North a few miles to Old Town for some lunch. After lunch (which was delicious) we walked around and visited some of the landmarks, and let the kids run around and burn off some energy. Soon it was time to load back on the Coaster and head home. Both kids passed out on the trip home. We all had such a great time getting to see the parade and visit Old Town. But it was also nice to get to spend the day as a family. With our busy schedules, that doesn't happen often. Can't wait for next years parade.

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