Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas was here and gone.....

December was a crazy month for our family. We had so much going on, so many events and activities. I look back on it all and it is all just a blur. We had a great Christmas month. Made a ton of memories, continued on with many of our traditions, started some new ones as well. This year has been the best Christmas yet. It was beyond exciting and magical waking up Christmas morning and seeing the kids faces and their excitement. I still haven't had a chance to download pictures from Christmas Day. Maybe by Easter they will be up! So for now enjoy a mas upload of what a little bit of our month of December looked like and what we were up to.
Visiting Daddy at the Fire Station on Thanksgiving Day
Chippy the Elf showed up!
Putting up the tree
Kailyn and Mom got their Christmas crafting on!
Went with Nana and Kappa to the Christmas Parade. The kids loved it and were amazed by it all as you can tell in the picture.
Christmas Party with good friends.
Santa came to visit the kids at the Fire Station.
We went driving around looking at Christmas lights. Went to our regular neighborhoods, and discovered a few new good ones as well.
Got to take pictures with Santa. The kids reactions were complete opposite. Kailyn was in heaven and mesmerized by Santa. Colton......well the picture says it all.
Last minute Christmas Eve food shopping with mama.

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