Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cooking with Mama-Pizza Rolls

It's always a struggle to figure out what to do for dinner when daddy works. For those that don't know he is a Firefighter/Paramedic and works 24 hour shifts. So that leaves just K and I to cook for. I don't like making big meals since this is usually the time C is very clingy and fussy. So I am always on the look out for new simple dinner ideas. I have seen a TON of recipes on Pinterest using crescent rolls that I have been wanting to try. I LOVE crescent rolls and they are so east to cook. The other day I found a pizza crescent roll idea. K LOVES pizza, I LOVE crescent rolls. Win, win situation. We didn't copy it exactly, but adapted it to how we wanted to make them. I love having K help me in the kitchen. This recipe was so easy, she was able to make it almost completely by herself. With my supervision of course. Here is what we did.
Ingredients/Materials needed:
1 package of crescent rolls
1 bag of peperoni (optional)
1 cup of cheese of your choice (we used a mixed shredded cheese because we already had it at home)
1 cup marinara sauce
baking sheet
*Preheat oven to temperature the crescent rolls pack calls for
*Line your baking sheet with foil. 
*Open pack of crescent rolls and unroll them on the backing sheet. Separate them into individual triangles.

*Spread marinara sauce onto each triangle.
   -side note: I often take left over sauce from a spaghetti, pasta, or homemade pizza meal and pour it into an ice cube tray. I then freeze them and put them in a freezer safe bag to store for later. I use them for times I need a small amount of sauce but don't want to open a whole jar. Examples-making a small serving of spaghetti for K only, making pizza with English muffins, and now this recipe!! Problem of wasting unused sauce solved!! If you are interested in more details on how I do this process, send me a comment or email and I will write up a post on it.

*Add peperoni and cheese to the triangles. Keep the pepperonis near the wide side so they don't fall out when you roll them up.
*Roll the crescent rolls like you would normally, according to the package. 
*Bake rolls according to package, or until they are thoroughly cooked and golden brown. Remove from oven and let them cool. Pour left over marinara into a bowl and serve!

These were sooooo soooo good. We ate them all and were wanting more haha! This will be going into our dinner rotation, even when Daddy is home.
A few things I learned along the way:
*Next time I will not add the marinara sauce. It just makes a big mess, and makes the rolls stick to the foil afterwards. I will just warm up a big bowl of marinara and use it for dipping.
*I will cut slices of cheese from a block next time. Only for the mere reason of convenience. Shredded cheese makes a mess and gets everywhere. It also makes the rolls stick a bit to the foil. The block cheese will allow you to easily choose the amount of cheese, a lot like we like it, or a small amount if you prefer.
You must try these if you are a pizza fan. You won't regret it!!
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