Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flower Hand Bouquet

K is on Spring Break for the next TWO weeks. What the heck are these schools thinking?!! This means mommy will be busy planning crafts and activities to keep the busy Sugar Bear entertained. This girl is NON STOP!!!! Since Spring is here we decided to make flowers! They turned out cute and it was really simple.
Items needed:
7 pieces of construction paper (your choice of colors)
6 craft sticks
Green Paint
Green Easter Grass (optional)

First paint one side of each craft stick green. They will dry while you are doing the rest of the craft.
Next have your child (or parent if your child is younger) trace one hand on 6 different colors of construction paper and cut them out.

*Yes she switched clothes. She heard her friends outside and took a break to go play

Glue one hand to each craft stick.

Next take the last piece of construction paper and fold it to form a cone shape. Use tape to secure it in place. We tried glue, and it did not stick at all. I would have needed to hold it in place for a while and let it dry.
If you decided to use the Easter grass, have your child fill the paper cone with the grass, then place all the flower hands inside in any arrangement that he/she would like.

All finished! Here is what it looks like.
These are fun because they have multiple uses. Spring/Easter craft and decor of course. Or you could give them as presents to grandparents, family, or teachers. Give these instead of real flowers, they would love it. Hope you enjoy this craft as much as we did!
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  1. Oh, I love this! I love hand print crafts. Thank you for sharing with Tuesday Tots. So glad you did, as I am now following along to see what other fun things you have to share. I look forward to connecting. Also, pinned this :)

    Crystal from Growing A Jeweled Rose

  2. Thanks so much Crystal for your comment, and for following my blog! Looking forward to sharing more ideas with you, and gaining more new ideas from your blog!

  3. Wrist flower buat bridesmaid dan hair clip buat bridesmaids dan hair clip buat flower girls nya bagus bangetttt!! *terharu* Semuanya cuma dibuat dari kain ya mostly, posy