Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where is dinner?

I had a new recipe that I found on Pinterest (surprise surprise) that I wanted to try out. So I went to the store the night before and got everything I needed. The chicken needed to un thaw just a little bit more so I put it in the sink with warm water. We took the kids to the park and on a walk for a little bit since we had a little time before I needed to start cooking. We come back and I go in the kitchen to start dinner. I look in the sink to get the chicken and I realize a bag is missing!!!!! For a split second I think it's my fault and maybe I just thought I put two bags in. To explain the bags a bit, we buy chicken in bulk and split it up into two pieces a bag then freeze it. I "thought" I pulled out two bags so we would have 4 pieces of chicken breast. So I am looking around the kitchen like the chicken is going to pop up out of nowhere and say "here I am".  Then I spotted it, a ripped up, empty plastic bag laying on the floor. I looked a little more to the left, and a guilty looking dog was staring at me wondering if I have guessed that she was the culprit. BUSTED!!!! Ugh the dog ate our dinner!!! I was soooooo mad and the worse part was, I did not have a back up. We had no choice but to eat out. Now I know that my lab can now get food off EVERY inch of our counter AND the kitchen sink. Bad dog Bailey!!!!!

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