Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rainbow Rice

I made rainbow rice for K awhile ago and she loved it!! She was playing with it outside and left it out there overnight. Well the next morning it rained unexpectedly, and of course the rice was ruined. So the other day she asked me if we could make more. My answer was of course!!! I love rainbow rice and love watching her play with it even more. I got all of the items needed the night before. Since she is in Kindergarten, she had to go to school that morning. Surprisingly she asked me to make the rice without her so it would be ready when she got home. It took all of 10 minutes to make. It's super fast, easy, and cheap. Great deal since it provides hours of entertainment and imaginative play.
Ingredients needed:

-Package of white rice. The amount needed depends on how much you want to make.
-Rubbing Alcohol
       *side note: You can use vinegar for this as well, I used it before and it turned out fine. Someone had mentioned that they use alcohol so I thought I would give it a try since I already had some in the house.
-Measuring spoon
- Quart size zip lock bag  (one for each color you choose to use)
Add desired amount of rice to each zip lock bag.
Add 1tbs of alcohol to the rice
Add food coloring. The more drops you use the more vibrant your colors will be. I usually use about 15-20 drops. We used neon colors. Perfect colors since it's almost Spring/Easter time.
Secure bag and start mixing the rice until the food coloring is distributed evenly.
The rice will need to dry before you let the kiddos play. It dries very quick so they won't have to wait that long.
The Results:

Now they sit untouched on her playroom shelf because it was "too pretty" to play with yesterday. Haha this girl cracks me up. She did ask me this morning if she could play with it after school. So hopefully she remembers.

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