Monday, February 27, 2012

My little Rock Star

I would have to say one of K's all time favorite thing to do is play dress up. Second and third to that is sing and dance. She is always dancing and singing to music. She also likes to copy the songs and dance moves from her favorite movies and shows. I love watching my little rock star in the making. The other day I was getting the baby dressed, when I was finished I came downstairs and walked into the kitchen to find this:
Little smarty pants here thought of the idea to use the vacuum as her microphone stand. I was laughing so hard, it was so creative. Then she said, "watch mom". She turned on the fan, that she has strategically placed and went back to the microphone to sing. She said the fan gives her hair a "blowing in the wind" effect. Haha where does she come up with this stuff?
Like I said earlier she LOVES dressing up. She had been eyeing a wig set for a LONG time. Every time we went to the store she had to go look at it. Well yesterday her Mimi was very generous and bought it for her. I was ok with it, she got an award at school on Friday so she deserved it. Everyone I would like to introduce you to Lady K Gaga:
She loved it! She stood in front of her mirror singing and dancing forever. This is her dress up corner, all of her dress up clothes/shoes/accessories are in boxes and bin easily accessible to her. Of course a dress up corner is not complete without a mirror to admire your amazing self. Here are a few more pictures of Lady K Gaga rockin' out.

I love how dress up and role play brings out her imagination. She can go from a princess, to a rock star, to a fireman, all in a matter of an hour of play.

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