Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Diva

Kailyn had some birthday money and gift cards left from her birthday so we decided to make a trip to the mall for a little bit of shopping. She wanted new clothes, and she was in desperate need of new warm stuff, so it worked out perfect! She got tired very quickly of trying all the clothes on. I use to be able to just grab things off the shelves and knew they would fit. But now I have to try everything on her. Everything fits so differently on her now that she is growing and growing. In the end she bought a bunch of fabulous clothes to add to her wardrobe. Many skirts of course, can't get this girl away from them. Plus mama had fun teaching her about sales, and coupons, and how to get the most for your money. Once I showed her that she could get 1 shirt not on sale, or 5 other items on sale for the same price, she was hooked!! Whoohoo teaching her the importance of wise money decisions already. This picture about sums up our day of fun, shopping, learning, and success!! Although I have to admit she enjoyed the shopping a little more than I expected, am I in for it when she is a teenager?

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