Monday, March 5, 2012

Mess Free Finger Painting

This idea, like a million others, has been making it's way through the blogs and Pinterest. I loved the idea and wanted to try it with K. There are a few different versions of this activity so I just went with what interested us the most. All we used was a quart size ziplock baggie and Paint. Easy!  Like usual, I let K make the decisions in this activity. She decided where she wanted to sit, what colors she wanted to use, and how much paint she wanted to put in. I try to give her as much independence as I can with our activities. I really enjoy seeing where her imagination takes her. I will give "suggestions" but she can take it or leave it.
She choose two colors per bag, and added the two colors in different areas of the bag so they were not touching yet. After she added the paint we sealed the bags and taped all four sides down to the light table.  I asked her before hand what color she thought it would make. Then fun the began. It was so fun to watch her blend the colors to see if she was right.

After she had blended the colors and played for a bit, I turned on the light table to give this activity a whole new perspective. She liked how the paint looked a lot better with the light on.

Of course mom had to suggestion some educational ideas for her to do. So she practiced writing her name as well as practiced spelling her sight words. Any fun way I can throw in learning, I will do. She LOVES school but is not a big fan of practicing her spelling and sight words with mom. I left the bags on the table through the next day so she was able to go back to it as she wanted and play more. We will definitely be doing this activity again!

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