Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My first DIY project

For Christmas we had decided to get K an American Girl doll. They are expensive which is why we waited so long to get her one. I got lucky and found great sales for the items that I got. I really wanted to get a bed for her doll, but come on $100 for a doll bed? NOT happening. Enter the wonderful world of Pinterest! While browsing I stumbled upon this website that was pinned. OMG I was so excited. The bed was beautiful, exactly what I wanted and the blog had step by step instructions I knew I could handle. Since this would be the first time really using power tools, I asked my mom's fiance to help me and teach me a bit about it all. I unfortunately do not have any pictures of our process, which I am bummed about, but I have pictures of the end product. We followed the exact directions that the blog gave. I got a chance to use all of the tools, including the power saw. Oh man I was so nervous I was going to cut my finger off. My mom watched baby C in the house while we worked on the bed. I did have to go in a few times to feed him and attend to him. He is such a mamas boy. But we eventually got the project done. I am so proud of how it turned out. Even more excited that I am more confident handling all the tools. I didn't paint it, I wanted K to pick out the color herself and help me paint.
This is what it looked like under the tree

Over the next few weeks we painted it white, I sewed a blanket, pillow and mattress set for the bed. She picked out the fabric on her her. The sewing wasn't perfect, this was the first time I used the sewing machine in years. I am embarrassed to say I forgot how to thread the machine and used YouTube videos to refresh my memory haha. K loved the bedding regardless of it's imperfection, I guess I did too. It adds character right? It was a learning experience and I know what to change for the next project.
Here is the finished project

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