Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dot Paint Math

This afternoon I asked K if she wanted to practice her sight words. I was not surprised when she said no. I was surpised when she asked if we could do math instead. Of course!!!!! K loves math so far and is catching on really well. I wanted to make it fun, so she didn't feel like it was work. When she does her math homework I noticed she does really well when she has images to relate the numbers to. So I thought of using dot paint. I used large construction paper and folded it into 6 sections. I created a different addition problem in each of the 6 squares. I then lined up all of her dot paints and a pencil for her to use.

Kailyn requested to work on the floor, so I used her big cork board to put all of the items on. Then she got to work. The first problem she was so excited she got a little dab crazy and put too many dots. We easily fixed it and moved on the next ones.


Doing math is hard work you know. So we of course needed to take a break to make some popcorn to re-energize!
K had a lot of fun and she asked me to give her "harder" problems next time. Here is her finished work. (she would not let me get a picture of her face)
This was all that remained after she was done. She was done and moved on to the next acitivity.
This was a lot of fun. It was a great way for her to practice her math skills and master her number recognition skills, all while having fun!!

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